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Who's Who

Senior Management Team

                                              Senior Management Team 1 Head Teacher Mrs B. Suddhi
                                              Senior Management Team 2 Assistant Head Teacher Mrs S. Khan
                                              Senior Management Team 3 Chair of Governors Mr R. Sund
                                              Senior Management Team 4 Business Manager Mrs M. Fowkes

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator 1 SENCO Mrs C. Edmonds

Learning Mentor - Safeguarding

Learning Mentor - Safeguarding 1 Safeguarding Mrs H. Green


Administration 1 Mrs S. Kauser Attendance Officer
Administration 2 Miss K. Sharratt Administrator
Administration 3 Miss M. Hussain Administrator

Foundation Teachers

Foundation Teachers 1 Mrs P. Dhamrait
Foundation Teachers 2 Mrs K. Pathak
Foundation Teachers 3 Miss L.Gotheridge

Year 1 Teachers

Year 1 Teachers 1 Mrs D. Bales
Year 1 Teachers 2 Miss L. Longworth
Year 1 Teachers 3 Mrs J. Stannard

Year 2 Teachers

Year 2 Teachers 1 Mrs S. Khan
Year 2 Teachers 2 Mrs L. Fearon-King
Year 2 Teachers 3 Miss A. Morgan

Subject Area Teaching Staff

Subject Area Teaching Staff 1 Mrs S. Araf Teaching and Learning Instructor
Subject Area Teaching Staff 2 Ms G. Whitehurst ICT/Websites
Subject Area Teaching Staff 3 Mrs Wilde Music Teacher

Foundation Teaching Assistants

Foundation Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs M. Sund Breakfast & School Clubs Co-ordinator
Foundation Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs S. Qadeer
Foundation Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs S. Dhamnait
Foundation Teaching Assistants 4 Miss H. Sandhu
Foundation Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Y. Moore
Foundation Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs S. Akhtar
Foundation Teaching Assistants 7 Miss A. Mujahid
Foundation Teaching Assistants 8 Miss A. Amjad
Mrs M. Dulku Teaching Assisstant

Year 1 Teaching Assisstants

Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 1 Miss A. Lall
Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 2 Miss L. Mannion
Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 3 Mrs K. Patel
Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 4 Miss D. Singh
Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 5 Mrs E. Nisar
Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 6 Mrs M. Malhi
Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 7 Mrs G. Klukowicz
Year 1 Teaching Assisstants 8 Mrs L. Houghton

Year 2 Teaching Assistants

Year 2 Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs H. Lewis
Year 2 Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs T. Bento - Filipe
Year 2 Teaching Assistants 3 Miss A. Burton
Year 2 Teaching Assistants 4 Miss F. Benhachilif
Year 2 Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Z. Bahmani
Year 2 Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs K. Matusiak - Mollah
Year 2 Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs M. Bakotova

Care Taker

Mr Steve Gardner