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Governor Profile - Ewa Wolinska

Term of Office: September 2014 to September 2018


Sub-Committee – Curriculum and Strategic Development


Link Governor to: Literacy/Drama


"I am an experienced teacher of Polish language both as foreign and as native. Our family has lived in Derby for 7 years already. I volunteered at the Polish Saturday School in Derby as a teacher for two years.

Since November 2011 I have worked for Derby City Council’s New Communities Achievement Team as a bilingual teaching assistant and family support worker.

Almost from the beginning of the post at Derby City I was given Pear Tree Infant school to provide support for new arrivals with responsibility for primary strategy.

During these years I have managed to build a relationship with the members of new communities in Derby, with Polish, Slovak and Czech families. I help them to admit their children to school and then support them during the lessons.

I know their problems, concerns and understand that they feel, sometimes lost in a different education system, because I went through the same experience."

Ewa Wolinska – Co-opted Governor

Business/Pecuniary Interests declared at all meetings appropriate to agenda items.