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Class Work

Our topics this term are Special People and The Five Senses


(These are our aims)

  • Please read the nursery rhymes together and any other rhymes.
  • Please help your child to recognize and write their name. We are focusing on forming letters correctly, starting at the top.
  • Please share a book with your child and talk about what is happening in the pictures.
  • Please encourage your child to eat fruit and try different foods. (5 a day)


Please encourage independence by:

  • Encourage your child to dress and undress
  • Teach your child to tie their own shoe laces
  • Put their socks on without any help
  • To zip or button up their jackets
  • To go to the toilet and wash hands every time


Encourage turn taking and sharing:
  • Play simple board games
  • Play Eye-Spy
  • Share food, books and toys
  • Look at books together