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Children’s Comments February 2015

“I like doing lots of fun stuff”

Sabeel – Y1


“When I first started school I liked it, it was fun”

Harry – FS2


 “We are a special school because we are polite”

Holly – Y2


 “We can learn and make new friends”

Venya – Y2


 “I like to learn.  I like writing”

Nidha – Y2


 “You can learn and try your best”

Tahira – FS2


“I like reading because the teachers always try their best”

Marian – Y2


“I like the assemblies and the clubs”

Kyleigh – Y2


 “I like to learn about playing nicely with my friends”

Weronika – FS2


 “My favourite thing is to share and be nice”

Kymani – Y2


 “I need to practise my handwriting a bit”

Yusha – FS2


 “I like to learn about writing”

Nusaybah – FS2


 “Well, I like the lovely teachers and the lovely lessons, especially PE”

Bailey – Y1